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Pipe Organ Music – How It Contributes to Church Music

Most people ask why pipe organ sounds better than electronic organ. Aside from the fact that a pipe organ has a unique visual appeal, it is also known for its better sound quality.  The music from pipe organs is commonly used in churches. Why is this so? How pipe organ music contributes to church music as well as contemporary music?

For some people, pipe organ music has the ability to lift their musical praise to God. There is nothing leads stronger worship as effectively as what real pipes sound. There are some churches that choose to rebuild an existing pipe organ or replace it with an electronic alternative.

Some people ask if a rebuilt old pipe organ will be able to produce a sound just like that of a modern instrument. Certainly, the answer is yes. It is also possible to add MIDI capabilities to rebuilt pipe organ.  Through proper tonal planning, a church will be able to convene the musical challenges of traditional and contemporary kinds of worship.

Rebuilt organ to bring music to church, community 6/17/13 : Currents

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Rebuilt organ to bring music to church, community 6/17/13. Get the Flash Player to see this player. There’s something new – or rather renewed – at a Catholic church in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. A rare pipe organ is 

7,000 pipes of sound | Aussie Emjay’s Blog

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Posted by Aussie Emjay in Uncategorized and tagged with national city christian church, photos of pipe organ, pipe organ, washington dc church September 3, 2013. On Friday our office closed early and as I By 1960 it was developing age-related mechanical problems and the “tonal aspect” of the organ was viewed as outdated and unenlightened but it took until 1974 for enough money to be raised to rebuild the organ and alter the tone. The older pipes were “revoiced” to work on 

Church Replaces Electronics with Pipes | MMS Organ Music Blog

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Church Replaces Electronics with Pipes. Posted on June 28, If you need a refreshing breeze of positive news, read this article and look forward to the conclusion of Steve Sykes’s restoration and rebuild of the Moller organ.

Triune Music Rebuilds a Vintage Moller Pipe Organ

Triune Music presents to you another spectacular pipe organ rebuild. This time it is a vintage Moller Pipe Organ at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, which is lo…

Successful Pipe Organ Restoration at a church in Ditmas Park Brooklyn

Six Years ago this pipe organ sat silent in organ chambers that had been penetrated by water coming through the walls. This video is about a successful campa…

Restored Organs: Preserving and Unveiling Their Timeless Beauty

Some people say that restoring a vintage organ is not a smart move. How could they say this if most restored organs are now being unveiled and given a lot of special attention? 

As a matter of fact, there are people various organizations that are doing their very best to restore old, outdated organs and bring back the musical instrument’s original sound and beauty.

One good example is the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall that is planning to unveil the first in a planned series of restored panels that can be found in an art-carved organ screen.

Also, Glendale resident Kathy Janson has already worked with a trusted conservator to have a rare panel restored to its optimum state .

Another example is the restoration and unveiling of the organ of the historic church of St. Thomas. A huge number of people gathered for this dedication to witness such meaningful event. 

First restored organ panel to be unveiled at Music Hall | Arts in Focus

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The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall will unveil next month the first in a planned series of restored panels from the historic art-carved organ screen that once graced Music Hall. Glendale resident Kathy Janson, SPMH 

First restored organ panel to be unveiled at Music Hall : Music Society

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Glendale resident Kathy Janson, a champion of the endangered art-carved wooden panels that graced Music Hall’s old organ, has worked with a conservator to restore a rare panel that surfaced after the Enquirer broke the 

Organ sounds for furry friends | Te Waha Nui

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“It was a good muster of people and a wonderful musical occasion,” he says. St Matthew’s organist and musical director Michael Bell brims with excitement over the unveiling of the instrument. “It feels like the Christmas of all 

Thu Aug 15 20:49:29 +0000 2013

The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall will unveil next month the first in a planned series of restored… http://t.co/MaIMcC5rx0

The KARN3 Reed Organ Unveiling!

After almost 20 weeks of in depth restoration, my third Karn organ is actually playable once again! There are a few glitches yet, like the annoying snapping …